Went to firestone Nazareth Pa and got a quote but they were too packed to get the tires on, so went to the airport road store.was short on cash and told the CS agent so, I needed 2 new tires and inspection done.

I gave him the quote from the other store and told him I lacked $20 and I could give it to him after the car was done because the guy doing the inspection, I was told, would be leaving in 1 hour. he said he would see what he could do. And so the tale begins. 3 hours later, was told something is wrong with the brakes and I needed a new master cylinder and a line flush but that COULD be the problem, they weren't really sure.

This cost over $380. At finishing I noticed on the sheet that I was given the wrong tires, I told them that these were not the tires quoted, their answer - they were trying to help me out - however the tires quoted had a warantee of 70,000 miles while the ones given had only 40,000 miles. I said no I couldn't take that and they told me they would put my old tires back on. I said fine.

Now my emergency brake doesn't work (they had checked my brakes during inspection), a burnt smell is coming from my car and I still have to get new tires put on and THEY PUT MY TIRES ON INCORRECTLY!!!!! I am so mad, how can you be a technician and when asked what is wrong with the car say I dunno, and make the car worse than it was when it came in.

Now I have to fix the brake as well, when there was nothing wrong with it before.I am rolling right up in there tomorrow and they better fix my vehicle the way it was - not sure if it is worth it but I cannot afford to pay to get it back to what it was before - THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!

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