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Firestone in Weslaco, Texas.January 24, 2013Save yourself the headaches.

Don't buy from Firestone. They use misleading sales tactics. They have have terrible service, as has been my experiences with them.Buy from Discount Tire. They have always provided me with outstanding service.I highly suggest you purchase from them.

Discount Tire really values you as a customer.At Firestone, they try to pressure to you in buying more service maintenance that you that you don't need on your vehicle. They blatanly lie to you in your face. They try to scare you, by giving a list of service that are supposedly need on your vehicle. Most of these recommendations are bogus.This morning, I went Firestone, to get my tires rotated/balanced.

I have an account with them. Before taking my vehicle to the store, I was already suspicious that Firestone would try to pressure me to purchase service maintenance that the vehicle did not need. They've done this every time that I've visited their stores.Lo and behold, I was correct. The service advisor (store manager), calls me up and says that I need to get an inspection sticker because, according to his words, it was due at the end of the month.

He was blatanly lying. My inspection sticker wasn't due till another 6 months. The documentation clearly showed this. Yet, he's pressuring me over the phone that I need to get a new inspection and spark plugs.

I was upset at his blatant lying. When I went to pick up my vehicle, I pointed out to him why he told me to get an inspection sticker. He lied again and told me that he read the numbers wrong. He was lying.

Again, the documentation clearly showed that it was due in 6 months. Nevertheless, I made a complaint to Firestone Consumer Services. A lady manager with a Corpus Christi area code number, called me back. She apologized for the store manager's behavior.

She suggested that I take my vehicle back to the store. I denied her suggestion. Simply put, I don't trust Firestone. They lost my respect.

She said that she was going to coach the managers at this location, to have better customer service. I told the lady that I plan to buy my new tires at Discount Tire. I told her that I was recommending to all my friends, to purchase their tires from Discount Tire and not to purchase from Firestone.Thank goodness for Discount Tire.

They have awesome customer service.Save yourself the headache and avoid buying from Firestone.

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This is Tom again with Firestone Complete Auto Care corporate offices. We would like the opportunity to re-inspect the vehicle to see where in our service the system failed. Since you do not feel comfortable with a re-inspection please email me at if there is anything else I can do to help make this situation right.



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Tom, my main concern were the sales tactics that were used regarding the inspection sticker.


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